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oday we would love to talk about one of the loveliest churches on Lake Maggiore: wonderful church of Carciano.
As wedding planner working on Lake Maggiore I planned several Catholic ceremonies in this church and I really appreciated the beauty of this special venue.


This is not the main church in StresaParish Church is located in the very centre of Stresa – this lovely church has a special appeal. Many of my couples choose it for their religious ceremony in Stresa. It is really appreciated as other wonderful ones: Sacro Monte of Ghiffa and San Leonardo Church in Pallanza.

Why many among my couples do choose Carciano church for their religious ceremony on Lake Maggiore? First of all thanks to its remote position overlooking the lake. It is not located in the historical centre of Stresa so it is a little further from tourists. It has a special panoramic view on the hills of Stresa overlooking Borromeo Gulf and part of Lake Maggiore.

wedding in Stresa

Carciano church is dedicated to St. Biagio and it is located in village of Carciano that is part of Stresa town. It is on a little hill North of Stresa close by Lido di Stresa where all beaches are.
St. Biagio church as been established around 1000 and it was located by the shores. After a while it has been abandoned for some reasons. Someone says because of an earthquake or because it was sinking in the waters or some others says because of a plague.
So at the end of 1700 a new church dedicated to St. Biagio was built in the place where it is now. Neo Gothic facade has been built in 1933 when church was enlarged and renewed.




Carciano church has a wonderful church yard in cobbles stones embellished with ball shaped buxus trees. Being on a hill, from the church yard you can admire a wonderful view of Lake Maggiore.


Carciano Church Neo Gothic facade on Stresa hills – Photo by Pro Loco Carciano


Wonderful view from Carciano with Freccie Tricolore planes over Lake Maggiore – Photo by Pro Loco Carciano


A vintage photo: St. Biagio church and panorama over Borromeo Islands- Photo by Pro Loco Carciano


A stunning areal view of Carciano church with Isola Bella and on a side Pescatori Island – Photo by Pro Carciano

Carciano parish is happy to welcome non-resident weddings. I planned here many weddings for couples coming from abroad – from UK in particular – celebrated here their wedding.
Here below you can see some weddings I followed.


Kate and Blaine’s wedding ceremony


Kate and Blaine’s wedding – bride and groom exit from Carciano church


Jade and Terry’s wedding at Carciano church August 4th 2012


Jade and Terry with our wonderful celebrant at the end of the ceremony in Carciano church

Floral arrangements at Carciano church – Stresa

As far as the floral arrangement is concerned, Carciano church gives the possibility to use wide spaces around the alter. Bright atmosphere do the rest!
Monika from La Piccola Selva Team gives here some suggestions:

Wooden pulpit is a also a lovely area to decorate as Anna and Marco did for their wedding.


We do not have balusters here but we have a very good big space between the alter and bride and groom’s chairs. We can use this big space with many different arrangements. In this page we selected some floral arrangements we did for wedding ceremonies at Carciano Church in Stresa.





For further information please do not hesitate to ask for information I will be more than happy to help! ]]> 0 17308
An Elegant Wedding in Stresa Fri, 18 Oct 2013 20:51:20 +0000


know… I’m partial on Stresa! As floral designer I have did many wedding arrangements on Lake Maggiore but a wedding in Stresa is always magic to me. Stresa has a real special appeal I love. Well and today I get back to Stresa for another elegant wedding: Federica and Gabriele’s wedding.

Monika italian wedding floral designerMonika Andenmatten is La Piccola Selva’s floral designer. She is part of Italian Wedding Company team who are specialized in floral arrangements and lovely bridal bouquets on Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.
Based in lake Orta, has worked with brides for over 20 years to create floral arrangements for weddings on Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.

His wedding arrangements are creative, elegant and sophisticated. Monika will be able to help you choose how best to incorporate floral design into your wedding celebrations.
From the initial consultation to the wedding day, she will make your wedding flowers truly an expression of your dreams.






Federica and Gabriele come from Milan and they choose Stresa for their big day. A wonderful choice!
Weather was just great. A stunning and bright sky above Lake Maggiore putting on display amazing Borromee Islands and their nauure.
Federico Fasano was the official photographer of the day. He also followed pre-wedding/engagement service for bride and groom. He shot it on Stresa lake shores a couple of days before the wedding day. Same for the video… 2 days of storytelling taken from Federica and Gabriele experience in Stresa. I hope that we can shot the video soon on our pages.


Eucharis and Nigella Damascena… special flowers for Federica’s bridal bouquet

When bride and groom give me free rein for the creation of floral arrangements I feel very honored and happy! I can express my creativity always following indications bride and grooms give me.
This is what happened with Federica and Gabriele.
Federica wanted a different and unique bouquet but with some classical flowers as roses and orchids.
Being in summer I chose for her two wonderful summer flowers I love. They are not very famous for bridal bouquets: white Eucharis and blue Nigella.

Eucharis Grandiflora (commonly known as Amazon Lily) is very popular in pluvial forests of Columbia. Each stem has approximately eight big strong flowers that look like narcissus.
Its bright white gives to the bouquet a warm and happy touch for a summer wedding.
Nigella Damascena (commonly known as Love-in-a-mist) has little light blue flowers that really seem disappear in the of thin bloom leaves.
Since Elizabeth Age Nigella Damascena was always present in cottage English gardens. It is the flower of beauty and grace. It is just amazing in its simplicity. What’s better for a bridal bouquet?


Matching these two minor flowers I added a touch of indigo with some gentians. I often suggest them for a summer bouquet, just fresh and happy.
We cannot forget that this year indigo is a trend shade… you can also see it on catwalks on many italian fashion designers… shoes, hand bags and dresses just a full indigo sensation!
We could use the same indigo sensation for a bridal bouquet… and we did! You can see the final result in the images of this post. I hope you love them.




Wedding Ceremony in the church of Carciano in Stresa

If you chose Stresa as your wedding destination and you are keen for a catholic ceremony you could consider the church of San Biagio in Carciano – Stresa.
It is located in Carciano a small village close to Stresa and it overlooks the lake! It is far from the tourists of the lake and very intimate. The church is wide and bright. I love decorating it!
For Federica and Gabriele’s wedding I created a classical arrangement for the alter on blue-white-ivory shades with gentians, lilies, roses and lisyanthus.









Wedding Reception at Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromées

Stresa is famous for its Belle Epoque buildings. Among these there is surely Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromées and Grand Hotel Regina Palace. Our couples not often choose these hotels for budget reasons or maybe just because they prefer something less formal for the wedding party. But if you are looking for a en elegant and classy reception Stresa Grand Hotels are just perfect. Just like Federica and Gabriele did. They chose Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromées. Alex and Sara chose Grand Hotel Regina Palace, istead… I will come back to you telling about this other wonderful event soon!


Federica and Gabriele’s reception has been planned in Sala Caccia of Grand Hotel Iles de Borromees. As floral designer I created the arrangement for the bridal table. A lovely vintage bird cage full of coloured hydrangeas matching bridal bouquet colours and style. On the other side of the table a big heart of white and blue rose petals. Same style for the guests tables, same vintage bird cages with many coloured hydrangeas.

vintage bird cage centerpiece

vintage bird cage centerpiece

vintage bird cage centerpiece







Most of the photos you can see on this post are taken by Federico Fasano. A very special thanks to Federico for his kindness and availability. We loved his photos for Federica and Gabriele’s elegant wedding in Stresa. I hope you will love them too!

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Stresa, Borromeo Island and Baveno, three destinations on Lake Maggiore for a romantic wedding Fri, 16 Nov 2012 22:59:36 +0000 We are back to Lake Maggiore to tell you about a sweet wedding we planned this past summer.
I had the chance to meet Kate and Blaine more than one year ago and I really liked them from the beginning! They wanted to celebrate their wedding on the same day both their parents did, in a special, simple yet elegant way and of course in Italy!
We looked together at several options and at the end they chose Lake Maggiore as their wedding destination.
They loved little town of Stresa, the so called pearl of the lake, Borromeo Islands and a wonderful hotel in Baveno and they simply decided to involve all of them for their special day on the shores.



atie decided to get ready with her bridesmaids in one of two most famous hotels in Stresa: Hotel Regina Palace.
The interiors are just amazing, you can breath Belle Epoque style here and feel like a queen for a day!
Blaine on his hand got ready to Grand Hotel Dino in Baveno.


Katie and Blaine, both Catholic, wanted a church ceremony and after visiting some between Stresa and Baveno they decided for Church of Carciano.
This is located a little aside from the center of Stresa but it surely one of the most beautiful.
It was built in 1700. It has a Gothic style. Its facade is built with local stones and the indoor vault is bright and wide, a real little cathedral on Lake Maggiore!
I can imagine why Katie and Blaine loved it so much.


Katie arrived with her bridal car accompanied by her lovely bridesmaids while Blaine was waiting for her inside the church, very nervous.
But when he saw her in her wonderful wedding dress his lovely smile came back.


After the ceremony Katie and Blaine really wanted to take some time for them to reach Borromeo Islands and Isola Bella in particular.
Independent Pictures Team took lovely shoots of bride and groom on Isola Bella and its famous Palace Borromeo.


Katie and Blaine reached GRAND HOTEL DINO by boat. It is just here that they wanted to have their reception.
I remember when we saw it together for the first time. Blaine loved it so much and Kate was breathless looking at the sunning view you can enjoy from here.
So their choice was really easy!



In the enchaining frame of Lake Maggiore in lovely town of Baveno Grand Hotel Dino offers one of the best scenarios to plan a wedding, and not only!
Grand Hotel Dino can turn your wedding in a real dream making it unforgettable!
After a pleasant and relaxing aperitif in hotel garden just by the shores it is time for reception.
Panorama Room is the room we usually suggest for our weddings at Grand Hotel Dino. It overlooks the Lake and Borromeo Island and you can even see little village of Pallanza on the other side of the lake.
At night the little lights of the villages on the shores make the view just spectacular!
For her decorations Katie wanted something simple in white with candles to enhance the beauty of this room. As table plan lovely mirrored frames that matched sparking details of the room.


A lovely meal and then…. a big wedding cake for our bride and groom!
It was a real surprise I personally planned with the hotel staff they did not know that the cake was so big and all simply loved it.


If you want to plan a real fun party Grand Hotel Dino could be a wonderful choice!
Music and dances can go on until 2am and if you do not believe me have a look at the atmosphere we had at Katie and Blaine’s wedding. Isn’t it a real fun?

Congratulations again guys!


A big thank you to La Piccola Selva for their lovely floral arrangements, wonderful as usual, and Independent Pictures Team for their lovely pictures.

Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore wedding plannerMy name is Valentina and I work as wedding coordinator on Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.
Before being a wedding planner and coordinator I worked for an American company planning events. I turned into wedding planning for SposiamoVi group, more than 5 years ago. Since Italian Lakes Wedding was founded I work with them to make bride and groom’s dreams come true on this wonderful Lakes of North West Italy and Piemonte region.

l love creating with my couples the perfect event for them following their wishes and needs, helping to find the best solution for their ideas and budget.
I like meeting people talking with them and know more about their cultures and traditions. I do like sharing Italian customs with them and working in team with couples to let them experience a real and dreamy Italian wedding!

I will be pleased to guide couples along lovely traditional and pedestrian roads of Orta village discovering the beauty of this romantic Lake between villas, traditional restaurants wonderful churches and enchanting St. Julius Island.
I will be happy to let couples discover bigger and charming Lake Maggiore with its Borromeo Islands, wonderful hotels and villas overlooking the waters.

I’m sure you would be amazed by the beauty of these special corners of Italy so I’m simply wait for you for a lovely experience to create and live together.

For any information about wedding on Lake Maggiore CONTACT ME

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A Romantic Religious Wedding on Pescatori Island Tue, 04 Sep 2012 22:19:12 +0000 We are back on Lake Maggiore today to tell you about lovely Stephanie and Alberto’s romantic Wedding on Lake Maggiore.
They are a wonderful English – Italian couple with a lovely little girl too.
Alberto comes from Northern Italy and Stephanie comes from UK.
Because of Alberto’s origins they choose Lake Maggiore wonderful scenario for their romantic wedding.
They fell in love with the enchanting atmosphere of Pescatori Island and they decided to plan the whole event on it.


  • We take the occasion to thank all our brides and grooms and photographers that allow us to post on our pages their stories and their works.
    All of the stories we post are fully planned or partly followed by members of by our Team (planners, photographers, video makers, floral designer, musicians…) but without couples and photographers permissions, work and material, they will be just wonderful events kept in a drawer.
  • Thank you all!

Getting ready by the shores


ride and groom decided to get ready to Hotel Verbano which was the reception venue too.
Hotel Verbano has pretty rooms facing the lake and other Borromeo Islands, Isola Bella in particular! The prefect setting for some getting ready pictures.


Stephanie got ready in her room with bridesmaids and her little daughter.
Once ready she put on her wonderful wedding dress.
We would like mention that the dress was designed by Claire Mischevani, after special ideas and concept Stephanie studied directly.
The final result is simply amazing and delicate just like the bride is.


Catholic ceremony on Pescatori Island


tephanie and Alberto group was not very big but surely very intimate and joyful.
Alberto and all family and friends waited for the bridal party at the little church of Pescatori Island.
Stephanie arrived at the church with her bridesmaids and little flower girls walking though the quaint ancient roads of the fishermen village on the Island.


Stephanie wanted for her bouquet a little touch of blue and La Piccola Selva Team did an amazing job creating her bouquet. But we cannot forget to mention the little ball shaped bouquet La Piccola Selva floral designers Team created for the flower girls.
They were so elegant and very different!


The ceremony followed the Roman Catholic rite and was held in two language, Italian and English to let all guests fully understand it.


Aperitif and Reception at Ristorante Verbano


fter some pictures and a little walk in the little roads of the Island the group took the chance to have a lovely aperitif and tour on board of Verbano Restaurant boat.
This is a very original way to enjoy some relaxing time for the aperitif, mingle with guests and visit the the beauties of the Lake.


Once arrived back to the restaurant the intimate group enjoyed a wonderful lunch on the main terrace of Ristorante Verbano.
The view from here is simply amazing, you can eat enjoying the view of Isola Bella Palace, the lake and mountains that surrounds it.


A Cake made of… local cheeses!


or their wedding cake Stephanie and Alberto had a fantastic idea!
A cake made of cheese!
We are not talking about a cheese cake… but real shapes of Italian cheeses arranged together to create an unusual wedding cake!
We cannot explain how much this was appreciated by guests!
After the meal it was a great idea enjoying some local cheese with honey, jams and some summer fruits and berries.
If you are looking for an alternative cake Stephanie’s inspiration will help you a lot!
She surely added another touch of Italian style to the party!


Stephanie and Alberto, all our best and our congratulations!

We can really say that this intimate wedding on Pescatori Island was very relaxing, intimate and inspiring! Wonderful ideas, wonderful bride and wonderful location… we are sure guests will remember this for long time!

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Red themed wedding in Stresa Fri, 02 Jul 2010 21:59:39 +0000 Like last year, also this year RED is going to be one of our brides preferred color.
We spoke about Cinzia and Christian’s wedding on Lake Orta last day with a lot of red details inside. Today we would like to speak about Melissa and Cameron’s wedding.
A young American couple who choose Lake Maggiore and Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées for their Italian wedding.


Cinzia and Christian, Melissa and Cameron: two distant couple connected by a red themed wedding.


Red is color of love, a warm and passionate color. It is a interesting and charming color. In many cultures it is the representation of beauty. Indian, Mussels and Chines brides usually wear red to celebrate love, passion and romanticism.


Melissa and Cameron for their wedding chose to have red all around.
Just have a look to bridesmaids and flower girls dresses, groom tie and of course on the table centerpieces and bridal bouquet.


They decided to celebrate their big day to Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées. Luxury rooms with red and gold colors matched perfectly with Melissa and Cameron’s theme.


Wedding ceremony was held in one of the most beautiful rooms of the hotel. You could admire tapestries, mosaics, and precious marbles which evoke wonderful Belle Epoque times.


Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées is one of the most exclusive hotel in Stresa on Lake Maggiore. It has a wide park facing Borromeo Gulf and a stunning view on Isola Bella and Pescatori Island.


Melissa and Cameron together with their family and friends decided to have great pictures in the amazing rooms of the hotel. All images are taken by Photo27 from Milano. A great service to underline Melissa and Cameron’s special Red Themed Wedding to Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées.


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Civil Wedding to Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées Sun, 28 Jun 2009 20:46:27 +0000 We are back to telling you about Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées to inform of a great news! Stresa town hall gave the permission to celebrate a civil weddings in this wonderful hotel, in one of its wonderful rooms or just outside in amazing park overlooking the lake.


Thanks to photographer Piero Gatti’s – Studio Foto Smile Baveno – images, we can show you this wonderful idea.
Piero Gatti is an experienced photographer who worked many times at Grand Hotel des Iles de Borromées and in general on Lake Maggiore. Hiring him means having by your side a skilled professional who knows every secret of these places.


Stresa Mayor recently agreed for the possibility of a “twin ceremony” . Legal ceremony to be held to town hall building of 1700 in Stresa main center before and an extra ceremony conducted by Mayor himself, directly to Grand Hotel des Iles de Borromées.


Celebrating a wedding to Grand Hotel des Iles de Borromées means breath Belle Epoque atmosphere among rich tapestries, antique forniture, mosaics, Murano chandeliers and wonderful plants and flowers.


If you would like to have your civil ceremony outside, stunning gardens of the hotel could be the right frame for an unforgettable service among statues, marble fountains and azaleas, magnolias and oleanders.


At the end of ceremony you could each Isola Bella with a motorboat for amazing wedding pictures.
In the meanwhile your guests could have a boat tour too visiting Borromeo archipelagos and taste a lovely aperitif on board.


And then back to the reception at the hotel! It will be arranged in one of the stunning function room. This is really a dream….one of the most famous venue on Lake Maggiore: Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées.

Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore wedding plannerMy name is Valentina and I work as wedding coordinator on Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.
Before being a wedding planner and coordinator I worked for an American company planning events. I turned into wedding planning for SposiamoVi group, more than 5 years ago. Since Italian Lakes Wedding was founded I work with them to make bride and groom’s dreams come true on this wonderful Lakes of North West Italy and Piemonte region.

l love creating with my couples the perfect event for them following their wishes and needs, helping to find the best solution for their ideas and budget.
I like meeting people talking with them and know more about their cultures and traditions. I do like sharing Italian customs with them and working in team with couples to let them experience a real and dreamy Italian wedding!

I will be pleased to guide couples along lovely traditional and pedestrian roads of Orta village discovering the beauty of this romantic Lake between villas, traditional restaurants wonderful churches and enchanting St. Julius Island.
I will be happy to let couples discover bigger and charming Lake Maggiore with its Borromeo Islands, wonderful hotels and villas overlooking the waters.

I’m sure you would be amazed by the beauty of these special corners of Italy so I’m simply wait for you for a lovely experience to create and live together.

For any information about wedding to Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromées CONTACT ME

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Discovering the hidden charm of the Isola dei Pescatori Tue, 14 Apr 2009 21:56:18 +0000 If you want to celebrate your wedding on one of the most beautiful town on Lake Maggiore, Stresa is the right place for sure.
But we would like to suggest something more just close by it!
This could be a special venue for a legal civil ceremony which will be unique!


It has been some months that Stresa mayor gave his availability to conduct civil legal ceremonies on wonderful Isola dei Pescatori of Borromean Islands directly. We have already mentioned this lovely archipelagos in some of our previous articles we posted, telling you about wonderful Botanic garden to Isola Madre and extraordinary Borromean Palace to Isola Bella. Isola dei Pescatori (fishermen’s Island) is the third one of this group.


The small harbor of the island is well protected from wind, preserving a few left fishermen boats made exclusively of wood. The main street of the island is very picturesque, short, narrow and full up with shops, small cafes, restaurants and beautiful stone houses.


Must be very interesting living here, where everything looks so friendly and easygoing.  Some terraces are decorated with fishing nets or equipment telling us who is living in.  Houses, decorated with lots of greenery, are congested making a kind of wall, which protect the inner street from cold northern winds.
Ancient Church of San Vittore is definitely worth a visit whilst you are there.


Italian Lakes Wedding Team will be pleased to help you arranging a wonderful event on this spot of Lake Maggiore. Groom and guests could reach islands with a ferry boat leaving from Stresa or Baveno or other lovely town on lakeshore. Right after will come the bride on a decorated boat for her own. Everybody will wait for her on Island pier.


After a romantic and rich ceremony, bride and groom will enjoy a touristy trip on the lake to take their wedding pictures directly on the boat or the wonderful islands and corners of Borromean archipelagos. Guests could enjoy a bot trip too, admiring and knowing better this lovely lake. They will also have a nice aperitif directly on the boat.


Receptions venues are many for sure! We have just told you about the beach resort for a casual wedding, 1700 and 1800 villas on the shores on the hills above Stresa, Pallanza and Ghiffa with great view on the Lake. Soon we will also tell you more about famous luxury hotels located in Stresa and Pallanza that are dated back to 1800!


For the ones who are looking for an intimate reception, we suggest to stop to Isola dei Pescatori to taste a delicious dinner in one of the good restaurants of this Italian corner of Lake Maggiore. Here you will taste the best fish cuisine of the area.


But if you are looking for something really unique we will be happy to help you arranging a reception directly on one of the boat of Compagnia di Navigazione del Lago Maggiore (Navigation Company of Lake Maggiore). Thanks to an excellent catering service we could arrange for you a very original dinner for groups up to 100 guests. An itinerary special event where you will taste good food and great wines while listening great music and enjoy an unforgettable view!


Discover the hidden charm of the Isola dei Pescatori and lovely Lake Maggiore, you will fall in love with them.  This is just fascinating, the ideal wedding destination!

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A perfect match for a religious wedding in Stresa Thu, 12 Mar 2009 23:06:07 +0000 Here we are at the second appointment on 2008 weddings I forgot to tell you about before but that I really want to write on. This wedding, as the previous one took place last September too. As floral designer, September for me is one of the most busy month of the year and last one was even busier!  September 2009 will be more or less the same. For this reason I always recommend to my couples booking their dates with large advance, especially if they are thinking about a date between June and September. You could not find availability, some dates are booked at least a year in advance!


Sabrina and Mauro wedding took place on 21 September the first day of Autumn. For the first time we are talking about an Italian couple, coming from Milan that chose Stresa for their big day! One of the reasons because I love talking about this wedding was the excellent choice of bridegroom to concentrate all the events in Stresa with just little transfers. You could take a look at the wonderful PHOTO GALLERY realized by Alessandro Balossi from Omegna.  I also suggest reading the interesting article The photographer of smiling brides that tells perfectly his charming style.


For their religious ceremony Sabrina and Mauro chose the lovely gothic church of San Carciano just on a hill in the Northen part of Stresa close to the beach. San Carciano’s parish priest is a lovely person and he proudly and pleasantly welcomes brides and grooms coming from other cities or countries. A lot of people coming from abroad – Great Britain especially – choose this church for their catholic ceremony. San Carciano church has a beautiful stone entrance embellished with ball buxus trees. From its hill the view on Lake Maggiore is stunning!  I love working inside this wonderful church because of wide spaces, around the altar, and the amazing brightness of the room that en-light every flower decoration.


Color scheme Sabrina and Mauro choose was yellow and white.  In the church white was represented by Lilium Longiflorum and a great utilization of baby’s breath and greenery. Yellow was represented by wonderful Golden Times roses that matched the bridal bouquet together with Dendrobium Orchids and a touch of green Alchemilla.


One of the advantages of getting married in San Carciano church is being out of the traffic of Stresa center which is usually very touristy. Moreover we are very close to Villa Muggia, one of the best venues on Lake Maggiore where Mauro and Sabrina decided to celebrate their wedding reception.


As far as the floral decorations to Villa Muggia are concerned I kept on following the color scheme bridegroom chose just changing type of flowers. This time I opted for white Anthuriums with long willows of white grapes around a candle together with romantic ivy. Just to remind us the first day of Autumn. A very stylized centerpiece but very elegant the fitted perfectly in wonderful rooms of Villa Muggia.

For their wedding photographs bride and groom choose beautiful scenery of Isola Bella, They reached it by boat in just few minutes leaving from Stresa pier.


Sabrina and Mauro’s wedding was to me a perfect example of how to organize a wedding with few transfers from ceremony to photographs setting and then finally reception venue. They achieved a perfect final result, thanks also to magic beauty of those places….we are in Stresa the real pearl of Lake Maggiore!

La Piccola Selva flower designer in ItalyMonika Andenmatten is La Piccola Selva’s floral designer.
Based in lake Orta, has worked with brides for over 20 years to create floral arrangements for weddings in the Italian Lakes district.
His wedding arrangements are creative, elegant and sophisticated. Monika will be able to help you choose how best to incorporate floral design into your wedding celebrations. From the initial consultation to the wedding day, she will make your wedding flowers truly an expression of your dreams.
For any information about wedding in Stresa please contact us.

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Beautiful Isola Bella Fri, 07 Nov 2008 20:55:52 +0000 Isola Bella is the most famous of the Borromeo Islands and when you see it today you can hardly imagine it as the tiny fishing village it once was. In 1670 Count Vitaliano Borromeo started the building of a monumental baroque palace, and began landscaping the majestic scenery of the gardens for which the Island became so famous. The original name of the island was Isola San Vittore, but was son changed to the more suitable Isola Isabella, after Carlo’s wife and over the years it was shortened to Isola Bella. Local legend relates that the ladies of Borromeo’s household asked the Count to build on the island so that they would not have to listen to prisoners screaming in the dungeons of his mainland castle.

Isola Bella Weddings

Photography by Piero Gatti – Foto Smile Baveno

Today the island is famous above all for the magnificent Palazzo Borromeo and its gardens. A visit to the palace is a journey through the splendors of the past. The stately Borromeo residence contains priceless masterpieces: tapestries, furniture, and paintings by great masters. The Palace itself is full of ornate rooms which remind you of a past full of grand receptions and sumptuous feasts. The most curious part of the Palace are the grottoes; the walls are adorned with a mosaic of shells and pebbles. Don’t miss the splendid views of the Alps in the Medals Room. In 1935 the palace was a location of meeting between Mussolini and British and French diplomats. Unfortunately, the meeting failed in its attempt to scare Germany out of starting World War II.

After visiting the Palace, you exit into the magnificent gardens which are made up of no less than 10 terraces which slope down towards the lake. The stepped terraces remind one of painters’ interpretations of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The entry to the garden is only via the palace: the gardens bloom with every variety of trees and rare flowers which, in their succession of ornate terraces, provide a classic, inimitable example of the celebrated “Italian garden” of that period. As well as the rare and exotic plants which provide the gardens with colors from March to October, there are interesting features such as the open-air theatre and the “Piano della Canfora” which houses a 150 year old laurel tree.

Discover the hidden charm of Italian landscapes! The Isola Bella offer the perfect atmosphere to host your wedding.

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