Photography | Italian Lakes Wedding Planner The insider's guide to wedding in Italy Sun, 28 Jan 2018 17:24:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 3251675 2018 a new year and a new web site for Alessandro Zingone photographer Sun, 28 Jan 2018 17:24:37 +0000 2018 is going to be a great year for Alessandro Zingone!
A fresh new web site is what we need to begin a great wedding season in Italy.

Our readers know that Alessandro Zingone was official photographer for Italian Wedding Awards in Florence last December. A great award for his photographer carrier. The same was for Italian Wedding Company team. Thanks to our nomination at the Italian Wedding Awards 2017 our group was celebrated among the best wedding planning company for destination weddings in Italy.



Alessandro Zingone and Peter Rear, founder and CEO Peter Rear Filmatography

A genuine Roman photographer for an authentic wedding in Rome

A genuine Roman photographer for an authentic wedding in Rome. This is Alessandro’s claim for his new website. Alessandro was born and raised in Rome where he lives and work. An authentic Roman photographer knows his city very well. He could be the perfect choice if you are planning your wedding in Rome!

Most of his brand new website shows the beauties of Rome – the Eternal City – from a wedding photographer’s point of view. Coliseum, St Peters’s Dome, Roman Forums, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Gianicolo Hill, Villa Borghese, Tivoli and rich more. Hundreds of photos of Rome. Alessandro Zingone can always pick the right spot for an unforgettable shot. And what a great editing!











Natural Creative and Fun Wedding Photos in Italy

Rome and not only! As wedding photographer, Alessandro Zingone worked all over Italy. His favorite destinations are: Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi Coast, Apulia and of course… Italian Lakes!
You can find in Wedding Photography in Italy page some shots of the experiences. In his blog you will find articles about his work!

wedding_photographer_siena_tuscanyChristina and Chris’ wedding in Siena, Tuscany

wedding_photographer_lake_gardaViktoria and Jakub’s wedding on Isola del Garda, Lake Garda

top_wedding_photographer_sorrento_amalfi_coastMiray and Karem’s wedding in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast

top_wedding_photographer_apuliaFrancesca and Carmelo’s countryside wedding in Apulia

top_wedding_photographer_lake_comoKandy and Ron’s wedding in Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como

top_wedding_photographer_lake_ortaSonya and Garreth’s wedding on Lake Orta

top_wedding_photographer_calabriaItalia and Pasquale’s wedding in Pizzo Calabro, Calabria (Southern Italy)

top_wedding_photographer_zermattLaverne and John’s wedding in Zermatt, Switzerland

top_wedding_photographer_lake_maggioreLisa and Jim’s wedding on Lake Maggiore

top_wedding_photographer_tuscany_countrysideRénee and Joe’s countryside wedding in Tuscany

The great news for his site is gallery section where you will find some of Alessandro’s best shots in Rome and all over Italy. You will read also his comment below.
Gallery is the best way to discover his skills and his great photography technique.




Alessandro Zingone style is surely a perfect blend between photojournalism and lifestyle photography.
Have a look to Alessandro Zingone photographer’s new web site!

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Marta Guenzi: the pleasure of seeing and showing Sat, 23 Jan 2016 10:57:56 +0000


oday we are pleased to come back to talk about the Marta Guenzi’s work, one of the best photographers of Italian Lakes Wedding Team.

She brought in her job everything she has always loved and all the roads she has traveled over the years. She is a destination wedding photographer living in Arona – Lake Maggiore, but traveling all over the world to shoot romantic stories. She loves to portraiting emotions through natural and poetic pictures.



For the ones who are looking for a photographer who is able to shoot the wedding day in a spontaneous way, Marta Guenzi is the right one.
Couples who chose with her tells that her story telling is candid.  Bride and groom won’t need to pose in front of her but just being as natural as they can be! For the couples who would like to have some posed pictures Marta Guenzi would be pleased to suggest some Italian traditional corners and invite them for a short relaxing walk, hand in the hand, just chatting and being natural. These moments are perfect for some romantic wedding photos.




She knows very well Italian lake district area. She worked in almost all wedding venues of our lakes. When she goes abroad she always plans a detailed site inspection before the actual wedding day to be sure to know all about wedding location. This allows her to work in the best way, shooting very personal pictures but even creating an emotive feeling between her and her couples.




If you have a look to her web site, you will surely appreciate how she perfectly mixes photojournalism, fine art and portrait photography. As the matter of fact she shoots the most important moments of the day always choosing a wonderful and true and perspective.



Marta takes over a thousand pictures during 10-12 hours of wedding photography service. In a second step she edits the shots personally. She is able to select the best photos enhancing lights and colors to create her luminous, airy and timeless images.

For further information about availability and rates please feel free to drop her a line or send an email, she’d love to hear from you!


MARTA GUENZI photographer - Request a quote and availability

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So what is reportage photography or wedding photojournalism? Sun, 23 Aug 2015 10:50:17 +0000


any couples who are looking for a wedding in Italy would like something different than a traditional posed wedding pictures. They prefer a more natural approach to their wedding photos to show the great fun and enjoyment of their wedding day with their families and friends on the Italian Lakes District.

There are many stories and vignettes to tell at a wedding: bride getting ready, ring bearer being coaxed to walk up the aisle, bride’s mother watching the father-daughter dance. Moments like these, when photographed without posing, are Wedding Photojournalism or Wedding Reportage Photography.





So what is reportage wedding photography or wedding photojournalism?  It is a way of photographing a wedding without setting up any of the photos. The wedding photojournalist usually arrives well before the bride is dressed and stays until they take last photo of the bride and groom leaving the reception.

Photographer stays in the background and photographs events as they happen without any prompting. The advantage of reportage photography for the couple is they can spend more time with their wedding guests. This style shows the atmosphere of the wedding and is non intrusive at all. Pictures are taken in a mixture of black & white and color, telling the story of the day as it unfolds.





Italian Wedding Photojournalist Alessandro Zingone offer this photo journalistic style for your wedding day in Italy. The aim is to record your day in beautiful, natural wedding photos, so you can enjoy your wedding or celebration day without posing for the pictures. Italian Wedding Photojournalist don’t normally take group photos as these are too staged and often very time consuming and boring for the people involved, its far better to try and capture the natural image.





Alessandro Zingone has recently totally renewed his web site:
A brand new, fresh and appealing web site where Alessandro Zingone combines an exciting contemporary style of wedding photojournalism with chic Italian fashion photography.
In his web site you will find many big format photos that show perfectly his research for the detail and his great creativity. He is a real artist of wedding photography!





Alessandro Zingone studio is based in Rome but he happily works all over Italy.
He travels back and forth between weddings in Tuscany, Umbria, Como, Bellagio, Cernobbio, Varenna, Malcesine, Venice, Lake Orta, Pallanza and Stresa on Lake Maggiore. So if you are planning an Italian Lakes destination wedding, he is at your beck and call 🙂

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The ability to catch unique moments and emotions in the wedding photography Tue, 04 Aug 2015 13:13:08 +0000


ith August and its very much Italian mid-month holidays approaching, a part of the wedding season on the Italian lakes is over. A very intense, exacting first part : between May and July ,in fact, many Italian and foreign couples alike chose the lakes Orta and Maggiore as gorgeous settings for their weddings.

Among them an Irish couple, Laura and Barry, selected Villa Bossi in Orta for their civil marriage and the nearby hotel San Rocco for the reception. As to the photographic service of the event, Laura and Barry chose Leandro Biasco, a well-known Novara photographer with long years of experience in weddings on the lakes Orta and Maggiore. On that occasion we had the pleasure of meeting Leandro Biasco: that gave us the chance for an agreeable interview, to know his style and approach to the wedding photography better.


What prompted you to become a wedding photographer?

Stealing moments and emotions unique and unrepeatable, freezing images of the wedding day for future times, sharing the preparations with the bride and groom, joining the joy of the guests, all this gives me the opportunity to make the most of my photography.
A photograph I would say “emotional”. I think it’s perfect for the wedding event.

What is your own peculiar style?

I do believe that photography consists mainly in a very personal outlook on life and its moments, seen as through a kaleidoscope, where the slightest movement and change of light make up new and fascinating figures.
The skills that I have acquired over the years, my training and my experience, allow the couple and me to live their day in a relaxed way. This approach lets events flow serenely, giving me the opportunity to catch them with unaffected simplicity.
The phase of organization during the first meeting is crucial for the serenity of the couple as well as a correct approach to the wedding day on my part.
All in all, I would say that efficiency and precision are essential traits of my professional service.



What do you think distinguishes your work from other colleagues’ on the market?

I think the relationship of empathy and complicity that I try to create with the bride and groom allows me to portray them in situations of real life that appear just their own, not at all commonplace or anonymous. I think the beautiful photo does not exist in itself, but there are shape and soul to it. If we can capture them both, photos come to life and it is magic …
I love to know the couples in my office, talk about their preparations for their wedding, the location, the choice of dress, understand their tastes and possibly advise on new wedding trends.

I really love my job.

How does the internet help you contact foreign couples who decide to get married in Italy?

I would say that the internet is vital. There are no barriers or boundaries …
My site (, the blog, the presence on portals dedicated to wedding and social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, give me visibility abroad allowing the bride and groom to know me, follow me and call me.
Moreover, my participation in national and international competitions certify my skills, which is something especially couples from abroad give particular importance.




Many foreigners decide to get married in Italy, especially in the areas of Lake Orta, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. What are they fascinated by?

Our history, culture, tradition and atmosphere make us the top choice for foreigners, and Italians too.
Landscapes and picturesque locations add poetry, magic and romance to the wedding day.

Couples from abroad rely on me because, beside looking for high photographic skills, they also need a reliable and knowledgeable person to make the most out of their wedding in the foreign country.

What are some of the North Italian locations chosen and appreciated by foreigners and Italians where you happened to photograph?

Here are some examples:
Lake Como: Villa del Balbianello, Villa d’Este, Villa Gaeta, Villa Erba, Villa Passalacqua, Villa Sola Cabiati, Castello di Pomerio, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Villa Geno, Grand Hotel Tremezzo Palace.
Lake Maggiore: Abbazia di Santo Spirito, Villa Claudia dal pozzo, Villa Muggia, Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées, Villa Aminta, Villa Rocchetta, Hotel Dino, Hotel Splendid, Hotel Bristol, Hotel Majestic, Rocca di Angera, Villa Rusconi Clerici, Villa Frua, Tenuta la Passera, Tenuta la Quassa. 
Lake Orta: Villa Crespi, Villa Pestalozza, Villa Ortea, Villa Decio, Hotel San Rocco, Palazzo Gemelli, Palazzo Penotti Ubertini and Hotel Giardinetto.




How do you keep up with the trends in the industry and the couples’ increasingly demanding requests?

The wedding industry follows trends a lot and for this reason it is important for me to keep up with them and try to anticipate future developments. To do this, I travel in Italy and abroad very much, participate in conventions and workshops on the subject and, most of all, never cease to be fascinated and excited by my work and its emotions, which enrich my life enormously.

Thanks Leandro. Have a nice day!

Leandro Biasco photographer - Request a quote and availability

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Estella Lanti Photographer’s new blog is on line Sun, 09 Nov 2014 20:53:27 +0000


stella Lanti that many of you know as Estelle is a wedding photographer based in Milan. She has a long and wide experience on Italian and international wedding photography. She shots all over Italian country, Santorini, Ibizia and even Japan!
In Italy she worked in Sicily, Apulia, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Umbria, Portofino, Venice and of course Lake District. Our readers know how good she is and they surely love her latest wedding in our Just Married posts.




Estella Lanti is a sensitive, creative and emotional photographer. She has a dreamy style and vision. Many Italian and non Italian couple love her style and technique. She worked with Irish, English, American and Australian couples. To meet her destination wedding couples she launched an all English BLOG.



In the first post Estelle tells about herself: her roots and beginnings, her memories, experiences and much more. It is very interesting and we thought it could be a good reading advice. While reading her words you will have the chance to know a little more about talented Estelle’s universe and aspirations. You will find many photos and you will surely appreciate her art, creativity and sensitivity.
Here is the link for you:





ESTELLA LANTI - Request a quote and availability

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An unusual Russian Wedding at Villa del Balbianello Sun, 22 Sep 2013 20:30:06 +0000


oday we are pleased to tell you about Ekaterina and Sergey, a lovely Russian couple who got married on Lake Como at Villa del Balbianello.
This is a quite different event from the ones we already told you about on our previous posts for Villa del Balbianello.



Ekaterina and Sergey were followed by Simone Mottura photographer who is part of our Italian Lakes Wedding Team. Simone Mottura works for Blanco Y Negro Studio in Torino.
If you are following us you will surely remember that Simone Mottura won second edition of Italian Lakes Wedding – Shot of the Year contest for a picture just taken on Lake Como.


Ekaterina and Sergey are a young Russian couple totally in love with Italy. They also love photography and after seeing Blanco Y Negro photo gallery on Italian Lakes Wedding site they decided that Simone Mottura must be their wedding photographer!



As we mentioned above this was a quite unusual wedding. Very different from the ones our team planned at Villa del Balbianello. It was first of all a very intimate event. Only four people: bride and groom and their two witnesses were present at the event.



We have to remember Ekaterina and Sergey decided to plan two ceremonies.
The first one, an intimate one, in Italy on Lake Como. The second one in Russian with a religious ceremony in a church respecting Russian customs.


Two bridal dresses for Ekaterina! How lucky!
The first one was white a classical bridal dress. She wore from her hotel in Lenno to reach Villa del Balbianello via motorboat and for her romantic ceremony under Villa del Balbianello Loggia.
After the civil ceremony Ekaterina got change and wore a red dress she chose for the pictures in the garden of the villa.



A fun moment was the bouquet throwing. She did not have any single ladies guests to throw it so she decided to throw it to… the tourists of Villa del Balbianello! Have a look to this shot? Isn’t it just so fun?





What about our groom Sergey? He really looks like Jack Sparrow/Jonny Deep, famous Pirate of Caribbean. Don’t yo think so?
And after Star Wars, James Bond… Jack Sparrow! Another VIP at Villa del Balbianello?



Thanks again to Simone Mottura for the great shots you can see here taken from Ekaterina and Sergay’s wedding service at Villa del Balbianello – Lake Como.
If you like Simone Mottura’s style, please contact him using the form below:

BLANCO Y NEGRO Simone Mottura photographer - Request a quote and availability

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Weddings on Lake Como – Enrico Mocci’s photography Sun, 07 Jul 2013 20:30:17 +0000


ur readers surely know about lovely pictures by ENRICO MOCCI: we talked about him in occasion of weddings our planner Valentina planned on Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.
We love to remember about Daniel and Tessa’s (Miss Netherlands for Miss Universe) wedding on Lake Maggiore and Bryan and beautiful Nicola’s one – A wonderful bride on Lake Orta.

But not everybody know that Enrico Mocci is very famous even over Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta! And we thought that could be interesting an entire post to Enrico Mocci’s shootings on another famous lake: Lake Como.
Today we guide you to a sort of Wedding Tour on Lake Como with Enrico Mocci’s photos.
This way you can appreciate his work on of the most beautiful wedding destinations on Lake Como: Villa del Balbianello, Villa Serbelloni, Villa Carlotta and Villa Regina Teodolinda.


Natasha and Owen – Wedding at Villa Carlotta

We start our tour from Tremezzo with Owen and Natasha in beautiful Villa Carlotta a famous historical villa with wonderful botanic gardens.
Natasha and Owen got married on the terrace overlooking the lake in a wonderful sunny day that made the event even more special.










Catherine and Carl – Wedding at Villa Regina Teodolinda

Catherine and Carl chose Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio as their base for their wedding on Lake Como. A wonderful base! From Bellagio they all moved to Laglio, just on the other side of the Lake inside famous Villa Regina Teodolinda. After their blessing in the garden on the shores, the reception was planned inside elegant rooms of Villa Regina Teodolinda.












Joanne and Simon – Wedding in Varenna

We cannot miss a wedding in Varenna, one of the most quaint village on Lake Como. Joanne and Simon chose Varenna as their base for their reception. For their ceremony the chose spectacular Villa del Balbianello Loggia.











Marion and Andrew – Wedding at Villa del Balbianello

We close our tour on Lake Como with Marion and Andrew, a lovely English couple who, as Joanne and Simon, choose to get married in one of the most famous venue in Italy: Villa del Balbianello.
We just let photos speak from themselves.











For further information on Enrico Mocci’s services, get a proposal or his availability please fill the form below.

Enrico Mocci photographer - Request a quote and availability

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A beautiful wedding on Lake Como: Kate & Richard Thu, 13 Jun 2013 21:21:04 +0000


ate and Richard came from New Zealand to celebrate their Italian wedding on Lake Como.

It was a real pleasure getting back to all their questions before they booked and meet them on their wedding to helping them for all.

They had been on Lake Como before so they knew the area a little. They wanted to get married on Lake Como because they fell in love with the landscape scenery, old villas, cobbled streets on this wonderful area area.

So, this was very much what they were looking for their photos.


Estelle-wedding-photographerAll photos you can see here are taken by Nathaniel Heart Vision By Estelle.
ESTELLE is a great photographer from Milan. She has a wide experience in destination wedding in Italy and also abroad – Santorini in Greece, Ibiza and Japan.
She worked all over Italy: Sicily, Apulia, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany, Umbria, Portofino, Venezia, Piemonte Countryside and Italian Lakes region.
Estelle is creative and sensitive. She is really able to catch the most intimate moments with her personal emotional touch. She is a dreamer and has a romantic vision as only a woman can be!
For a personalized proposal, costs and availability please contact Estelle with the form below.

Kate got ready in a room of Grand Hotel Di Como in Cernobbio while Richard and the boys stayed at Hotel Posta in Moltrasio.

Kate wanted lots of photos in hotel with the girls and her mum plus a few outside, leaving the hotel and at Cernobbio ferry terminal.







Here, Kate, her mother and the girls caught the ferry to Moltrasio.

A lot of excitement and fun during the boat trip!







The ceremony was held by the lake at Grand Hotel Imperiale.
All the guests were waiting for the bride and admired her getting off the boat and walk towards ceremony.




After ceremony lots of photos with friends and family and then Kate and Richard with the boys and the girls went up into town of Moltrasio to have bridal party shots. 

Great time in capturing images, some intimate and fun ones.






Kate was so lovely with her white lace parasol!

Then, everybody to La Posta Restaurant where they had their lovely reception.

Thank you Kate and Richard!


Estelle-italian-wedding-photographerAll photos you can see here are taken by Nathaniel Heart Vision By Estelle.
ESTELLE is a great photographer from Milan. She has a wide experience in destination wedding in Italy and also abroad – Santorini in Greece, Ibiza and Japan.
She worked all over Italy: Sicily, Apulia, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany, Umbria, Portofino, Venezia, Piemonte Countryside and Italian Lakes region.
Estelle is creative and sensitive. She is really able to catch the most intimate moments with her personal emotional touch. She is a dreamer and has a romantic vision as only a woman can be!
For a personalized proposal, costs and availability please contact Estelle with the form below.

ESTELLA LANTI - Request a quote and availability

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Photography Passion Sun, 26 May 2013 13:07:35 +0000


arlo Guido Conti is a photographer based in Milan. We met him a couple of years ago in occasion of unforgettable Nicky and Chris’ wedding in Pallanza.
Since then RPS Wedding Photography, Carlo Giudo Conti’s studio, grew up and become one of the best wedding photography studio on Lake District.
Have a look to wedding reportage he did at Villa d’Este for Cat and Reza’s wedding. Or you can also see the shots he took for Kiki and Goerg at Locarno – Italian Switzerland.






The right occasion to appreciate RPS Wedding Photography is having a look to HOTO GALLERY 2013. 100 images where Carlo Guido Conti tells his photography passion with a virtual tour on most wanted wedding destinations on Northern Italy in Piemonte and Lombardia regions. From Turin to Monferrato country side, from Lake Orta to Lake Maggiore up to Italian Swizerland getting back to Lake Como and Cat e Reza’s fairy tale

Creativity and Fantasy are Carlo Guido Conti main features. He has many years of experience and great passion. Studio RPS and its professional are one of the best for wedding photography

His wedding photography passion was born from his passion for human events reportage. Happiness, joy, excitement, these are all the feeling he wants to capture and tell to make an event just unforgettable. 





Carlo Guido Conti best way to tell about these feelings is taking wonderful shots of weddings. You can realize it having a look to his wedding portfolio.





He doesn’t forget about details! Carlo Guido Conti is also able to pay a lot of attention on them. Details are just like a mosaic to assemble. Details from a bridal bouquet, a deep sight between bride and groom, or even other wonderful details that make an event so special and unforgettable.

RPS Wedding Photography is available for your events on all Northern Lakes district. He will be happy to meet you in his Milan office.

CARLO GUIDO CONTI photographer - Request a quote and availability

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ESTELLA LANTI natural-style wedding photographer Thu, 18 Apr 2013 21:21:59 +0000 ESTELLA LANTI is a photographer in Milan with a long experience of overseas weddings: Santorini, Ibiza and Japan.
In Italy she works as a wedding photographer in Sicily, Apulia, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany, Umbria, Portofino, Venice and especially in the area of our lakes.

Estelle-wedding-photographer A consolidated professional experience for Estella Lanti and her photographic studio Visual Nathaniel Heart.
That’s why for us it is a great pleasure to welcome her in the team of photographers that support Italian Lakes Wedding.

Estella Lanti is a sensitive and creative photographer, able to capture the most intimate and emotional moments with her personal style, as only a dreamer and a visionary can do.
Estelle anticipates moments, observing but not directing the action, looking for the natural harmony between art and emotions, creating truly timeless images of your wedding, giving you memories you will always treasure.






To describe the style of Estella Lanti, just a few words, the same ones she uses to describe her photographs:

I’m the photos I make. They are what I am. Enjoy them!
If you are feeling good, just write me few lines and  I will be happy to be by your side on your special day.


Estella Lanti – Villa Passalacqua Moltrasio, Lake Como


Estella Lanti – St. Julius Island, lake Orta


Estella Lanti – Casta Diva Resort, Lake Como


Estella Lanti – Villa Rusconi Clerici, Lake Maggiore


Estella Lanti – Villa del Balbianello, lake Como


Estella Lanti – Stresa, Lake Maggiore


Estella Lanti – Sestriere (Torino)

ESTELLA LANTI - Request a quote and availability

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