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Galizia Wedding ListsIf you are planning your wedding on the Italian Lakes, a visit to Galizia Home Store will enable you to compile your personal Wedding List. With our Wedding Present Checklist to guide you and staff in both our Home Store to offer expert advice you can choose from a selection of the most prestigious brands of the italian design to furnish the room in a functional way according to the new trends.
The continuous revision, the experience linked to the great professionalism, guarantees the high standard level of its solutions.
Galizia boasts of diligent and skilful staff which looks after all details to optimise the space and personalise the ambient.

Historical company operating in proving forniture, since september 2007 has trasformed it's previous exibition area in HOME STORE, able to provide 360° your home.
The atmosphere is that of a vanguard style where forniture, lamps, single objects, curtains and textiles for home join togher in a unique solution.

For their wedding list, bride and groom may select within many of dishes, glasses, vases, cutlery and everything required for their new life togheter, produced by the best brands on market such as Rosenthal Studio Line, VGnewtrends, Ego Vetri delle Venezie, Sambonet, Mesa, Guy Degrenne, Thomas Rosenthal Group and Sabattini.

Galizia Home Store

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Wedding Lists Service in Italy
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