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Lake Maggiore weddings

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Great scenery and Belle Epoque appeal

Nestled in the majestic Alps of Northern Italy, the breathtakingly lovely settings of Lake Maggiore is the ideal wedding destination!
Although this gorgeous Lake seems a bit remote to reach, it is a little over an hour from Milan and the International Airport of Malpensa is not much more than a 40 minute drive.

Lake Maggiore is the second largest Italian Lake, with a surface of 21Km2, (13 square miles) and a total lenght of 150 kilometers (93 miles). Descending from the Ticino, in Switzerland, its shores covers two regions: Piedmont and Lombardy.

Ever since Queen Victoria stayed on its shores, Lake Maggiore has been a favourite destination with the British who have been enticed by its Mediterranean atmosphere and legendary beauty. In the costal areas the climate is temperate and the winters are always mild.

Thanks to its climate it is possible for many species of sub-tropical and mediterranean rare flowers and plants to adapt to this territory. Well-known gardens, worth of a visit, include those of the Isola Bella and Isola Madre, the Alpinia botanical garden above Stresa, Villa Taranto and Villa San Remigio in Verbania.
With its lush vegetation, the high peaks of the Alps, the picturesque villages, its luxury hotels and its architectural and natural treasures, Lake Maggiore has been for centuries - and still is – a favourite holiday resort, which has inspired artists and emperors.
Ever since the mid 1800's the aristocracy, the noble families - and more recetly the jet set of politics, finance, football and cinema - has chosen for the building of their elegant residences and splendid English-style or Italia gardens, which are still used today as glamorous reception venues in oder to create the unique atmosphere for a special event, such as a wedding on Lake Maggiore.

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Getting Married on Borromean Islands

The elegant and aristocratic heritage of this lake derives by the influence of the Borromeo family. The Borromean Islands (Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori), in front of Stresa, are the repository of their prestige and refinement.
The Borromean Islands are a major local tourist attraction for their picturesque setting. The sumptuous Borromean Palace on Isola Bella contains inestimable art works, tapestries, furniture and pictures. The gardens are developed in adorned and superimposed terraces.
The Isola Madre is the biggest of the Borromean Islands. Thanks to its microclimate and to the human care, this island is a tropical botanical garden, rich in plants and exotic animals. Isola dei Pescatori (lit. Fishermen’s Island) - also known as Isola Superiore - 300 meters long and just 100 meters wide - is a small and characteristic village. The jewel of the island is the splendid church of Saint Vittore, which preserves the Romanesque apse of the XI century. It is the only one to be inhabited all year round. .

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