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Blessing Ceremony in Italy

Having decided upon a civil wedding many couples choose to have a blessing. This consolidates and emphasises the strength of your relationship and commitment to one another. The main strength of a blessing ceremony is its flexibility. It is a self styled ritual that you can design to fit your own idea of the perfect ceremony for you.

It can be an extremely romantic experience, non-religious or can add a spiritual dimension without necessarily referring to any specific religion.

How is a Blessing constructed?

• A blessing is a ceremony that takes place after an official ceremony which is usually a civil wedding. It is the part of the marriage that is often included in a wedding ceremony in a church for example.

• Blessing Ceremonies are not legally binding unlike an official wedding.

• A blessing usually involves a selection of readings, poems and music. You could include traditional wedding music or something of special significance to you both. Blessings do not have to include religious references. Whether the blessing contains spiritual elements or not the emphasis is always upon commitment to one another.

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Reasons to choose a blessing?

• They are a perfect solution in the case of inter-faith couples. This situation can often be awkward to resolve in an official ceremony. We can design a blessing that incorporates aspects of both faiths.

• Divorcees are not allowed to re-marry in church. It is usual for divorced Catholics to get married in a register office and then have a blessing afterwards.

• Couples often consider a blessing to be a way of re-affirming their commitment at the beginning of their new life together. You can have as many guests as you wish with designated witnesses or be just the two of you!

• Some couples who are already married wish to renew their existing vows. A blessing ceremony is a romantic and touching ceremony that can be performed according to your specific wishes.

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