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Silvia Ferrero - Harpist

Wedding harpist in ItalyThanks to her great experience in music entertainment, harp player Silvia Ferrero can offer a wide repertoire with classical, sacred, Irish Celtic, traditional music.
The ideal choice to create a fine atmosphere for your wedding day!

“I started play piano at the age of 6, but soon I had been captured from mystery and appeal of harp. I studied at the Conservatorio of Milano and following I improved my technique in France.
I played as solo and in an orchestra. I played for choral groups and I worked with chamber music groups. Harp’s sound mixes easily with sounds of voice or other instruments, without being above all the others but just warmly embracing them all!
I really like playing with flute and violin or with another harp too. For many weddings I played at the ceremony but also during their aperitif and reception. Sometimes bridegrooms choose modern harp, sometimes they are fascinated my popular melodies of Celtic harp or from the sound of baroque harp.
For over a decade I have played at hundreds of weddings in the Italian Lakes area. From lake Orta to lake Como, in churches, hotels, resorts and gardens, my harp and I provide unforgettable musical memories for brides and grooms and beloved guests. The harp can convey through music the essence of your love as a couple”.

In order to have a really stylish wedding, the background music created by the sweet sound of the harp is the best choice ever!
It will be perfect for the ceremony, during the aperitif and at the reception too. Warm and romantic sound of harp will add your wedding a touch of eternity!

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