german wedding planner Italy Britta Hartmann-De Marchi is german and therefore the specialist for German, Austrian and Swiss couples coming to the lake Region for getting married.

She herself got married 10 years ago and choose an Italian husband. Enjoying to live here in Bella Italia and coming from 14-years-experience in international advertising and marketing, she liked to change her job into becoming organizer of weddings for german-(and english-) speaking people coming to Italy for their marriage.

Britta does like the Lake Como, as this is the most hidden lake and not yet too touristy. Lots of nice villas and hotels are very charming. Tiny and cute townhalls offer their services for civil weddings. The same values she sees in the small lake Orta. Not to forget Lago Maggiore and Lake Garda.

Coming from Germany and knowing what to expect in Italy, she is the perfect organizer between bride and groom and the Italian service partners. Correctness, flexibility and a easy hand to plan all details around a wedding make her work very appreciated. “The most emotional part is, when I become almost the best friend of the bride during all the planning time you share with each other. So we both do enjoy the wedding day in its best form and this is important for my work”.

Creative Wedding Britta Hartmann-De Marchi
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Wedding planner for German, Austrian and Swiss couples

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