Love is a rose

Roses the flower of love, it has been a proven fact that roses are the unique way to say “I love you” without having to say the words. There's no getting around it, the rose says romance like no other flower. If course roses are the most popular types of wedding flower that are used in weddings.

The ancient Romans used roses in festivals. Roses petals were mixed with wine for a decandent flavor or petals were showered over guests to give them a warm welcome. In Egypt it is believed the Cleopatra kept rose filled pillows in her boudoir and once received Mark Anthony in a room knee deep in rose petals. History proves that the rose has always been revered as a symbol for the celebration of love.

An all-star in the world of weddings, the rose is far from boring, particularly when it comes to color: the rose is available in solid colors and bicolor varieties, and there are striped roses and tipped roses as well. More than three thousand varieties of roses are grown commercially, many available year-round and that are surprisingly affordable. And though roses are associated with luxurious fragrance, not every rose is scented.
Roses have a specific reason behind their use in marriages. They are the best admired choice of couples. A white rose signifies purity, innocence, charm and bliss. This is a symbol portraying the bride. Red roses stand for fervor and strong love from the heart. When dark pink roses are used by a couple they stand for thankfulness to each other for finding themselves. Ivy colored rose can signify a couples loyalty and faithfulness amongst each other. Every couple craves for it.
Roses offer a showy and irresistible fragrant option for bridal bouquet and reception centerpieces. Who can resist the temptation of the first thing being is to smell the intricate rose? All roses are not the same so be sure to use your sniffer and find the fragrance you like best.

Roses can impart either a formal or a casual atmosphere, depending on the varieties and colors you choose. For your wedding in the Italian Lakes, a rose theme wedding pairs the vibrant fragrances and colors of roses with the beautiful colors of the lake for a casual, yet unique celebration. After all, roses are a very popular flower choice with their array of beautiful colors and fragrance.


Monika Andenmatten is La Piccola Selva’s floral designer. Based in lake Orta, has worked with brides for over 20 years to create floral arrangements for weddings in the Italian Lakes district.
Monika will be pleased to help you organize a perfect floral arrangement for your wedding on Italian Lakes.
For more information please contact us.

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