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Ideas for a Magical Winter Wedding in Italy

When we think about weddings, we automatically imagine warm weather, colorful beautiful flowers all above the lake, or even just warm rays of sunshine filtering down through puffy white clouds. But what about winter weddings?
Winter weddings hold their own unique beauty that many often overlook. Winters are cozy and romantic, the perfect setting for a wedding. Not only will you find more availability for venues to hold the wedding ceremony and reception, freer schedules of caterers and photographers, but there is a world of possibilities.

winter wedding in Sestriere Italy

Italian landscapes on the lakes district with white snow on the near Alps make a beautiful backdrop for photographs. Warm colors like plum, cocoa or even a dark crimson are perfect for winter weddings. But also a Total ÐWhite theme could be charming.

Possibilities for the brides wedding dress can include layers, heavier fabrics, and elegant, traditional styles like the Victorian style dresses. Cloaks or shawls are another way to keep warm and include an elegant style to the wedding dress. Or maybe a Modern Style with warm little cashe-coueur in mohair, little jackets and maybe stylish boots on.

winter wedding Italy

Wedding invitations could be silver and white with some wintery details like frosty glitter on, wool details or snowflakes. In nature, there is hardly any other object that showcases beauty and elegance as well as a snowflake, and it makes the perfect symbol to display for the winter wedding, combining uniqueness with classiness.

Wedding favors with typical Italian almond sugar or delicious chocolate can be total white theme, with a touch of gold or silver or green maybe decorated with some pines, cinnamon and dried oranges. Or a white and warm wool little bag for favors could be precious, too.

Italian Winter Wedding

Red and green are natural colors for a Winter Christmas wedding.
It is likely that your ceremony venue a church or a town hall or wedding reception venue will already be decorated in red and green for other events and holiday parties. But don't feel limited to this winter palette. Other possibilities, which will work with existing decorations, include: :

  • silver and white
  • total-white like snow on alps
  • silver and light blue like winter sky and its stars
  • burgundy, forest green like forest around the lake, and gold
  • gold and cream

Among winter wedding flowers suggestions there are: : Roses - Red, White, Black Beauty, Black Magic, Lilies - Stargazer, Casablanca, Cala, Alstromeria (mini), Gerbera, Freesia, Gardenias, Amaryllis and Poinsettias - White and Red.
And some accents: Pine Cones, Eucalyptus, Holly Leaves, Berries - Holly or other types, Evergreen Branches, Pine Cones, Ivy Leaves, Baby's Breath, Wheat Stems, Pumpkin and Christmas Ornament Balls.

The frosty theme can be continued through the use of white fairy lights, floating candles and crystal gold or silver chandeliers.

Can you imagine how magic could be Lakes at night with many candle lights?
On the table-tops scatter silver sequins and place shimmering fabric over white cloths for a special effect.
So what you are waiting for? Choose a Winter Wedding! We will be pleased to help you planning all magic details to make it special!

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