Italian Wedding Cake

One of the most fun aspects of wedding planning is choosing that perfect wedding cake. Wedding cakes are beautiful and delicious and the wedding cake that you choose is going to represent your own personal taste and style so you want to make sure that you take the necessary time and taste tests in order to choose that perfect wedding cake.

If you choose to get married in Italy on the Lakes you will surely have to offer your guests some tasteful Italian speciality that they will never forget.
Every bakery that specializes in Italian wedding cakes is going to have a portfolio of their most popular and inventive designs and taste.
The next step in choosing the perfect wedding cake is to taste what different bakeries have to offer. Do not limit yourself to a single bakery.
Every bakery will offer different flavours, frostings, and fillings.
The different combinations of these flavours can lead to choosing that perfect wedding cake.
A memorable wedding cake is one that is delicious as well as beautiful and of course typical or our Lake region!

An elaborate cake may seem out of place at a simple wedding while a very colourful cake will seem out of place at a traditional wedding.
Of course, it is always your decision; however it is important to keep some continuity within your wedding planning.

Wedding cakes may be ordered also fro your caterer and some hotels and restaurants may also be able to provide a wedding cake, too.

Anyway when ordering your cake, you will have to decide not only on a flavor, but also on a size, shape and color.
The number of guests determines size. You can choose from one large tier to two, three, or more smaller tiers.
The cake can be round, square or heart-shaped.
The most common flavors are chocolate, lemon, rum, and "white" cakes.
You can be creative by adding a filling to your cake, such as custard, strawberry, or Piemontese chocolate. You may also want to consider having tiers of different flavours. Keeping in mind that you will be in Italy the land of good food so Italian bakeries of lake region will be glad to suggest you what can be typical for a real Italian wedding!

The cake should be beautifully displayed on its own table decorated with flowers or greenery. Make sure the baker, caterer or reception site manager can provide you with a pretty cake-cutting knife.
If not, you will need to purchase or rent one.

Choosing the perfect wedding cake is going to be a very enjoyable and tasteful experience in Italy.
You will realize that good food in Italy will involve also good cakes!

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