Wedding Hair stylist in Italy

It is quite natural for you, the bride to want to look your best on your wedding day. You look your best by wearing the best wedding dress, jewellery, accessories and of course, one of the best wedding hairstyles.

There are many wedding hairstyles for you to choose from for your special day. The first point one needs to consider is that the hairstyle you adopt needs to match well with the wedding theme you have already chosen. It also needs to accentuate with your face. It doesn’t end there since not all face is suitable for all the styles. Hence it requires the expertise of a hair stylist to judge the style that most suits you.

There are many magazines you can get ideas for the perfect hairdo from. You can also decide with your hairdresser to practice the hairstyle on you a few times for perfection. With your hairdresser practicing different hairstyles on you, you will get an idea of which hairdo looks the best on you. If you have always harboured a dream of a particular wedding hairstyle, you can practice it on you to find out if it matches the shape of your face. You can then decide if you need to let your hair grow. You can carry a photo of the wedding dress and that would make the job of the hair stylist easy. It would be also advisable to inform the stylist about the details of the wedding ceremony like, whether it is formal or informal or whether it is in the evening or during the day time and also the theme and dress you choose so that an imaginative hair stylist can plan and suggest the most appropriate style that suits well for the occasion.

There are different wedding hairstyles for different types of hair. If you want a wedding hairdo, and you have hair that is rather short, you could reach a presentable style of hair using wedding hair accessories like nice grips. You could also consider having a style with light curls or wave. The most famous wedding hairdos is an up-sweep, or an up-do which can be a French twist, a bun, elaborate braids or a low ponytail but there is nothing better than a natural and simply elegant bride; so you could also consider flowing curls or you could consider pulling a part of your hair off your face, while using wedding hair accessories like lake flowers to hold this hair in place at the back of your head.
When choosing your wedding hairstyle, you also have to think about the headpiece that you intend to wear on your wedding day. It would better to wear your hair down if you intend to wear a long veil or a crown of lake flowers.

If you are choosing to have your hair coloured or high-lighted for the wedding, get that done a few days to a week before. Sometimes high-lights can be bright and look a little too phony when they are first put in. Having the chance to wash your hair a couple of times will tone this down quite a bit for a more natural look. This also applies for hair colour and extensions; give yourself the time to decide if you like it, and the opportunity to change it.
Remember that you will have to wear a style that stays in place for 10 hours, which is difficult even for your everyday hairstyle. And when you have a veil shoved in and are dancing all around the dance floor, it will be even more important that your wedding hairstyle stay in place.
However before finalizing the stylist never forget to get a feed back from among the friends you will be more comfortable with your decision.

When choosing your style or hair for the wedding, you will also have to keep the time of day, and the type of wedding in mind. This is because loose wedding hairstyles are right for informal or daytime weddings while up-dos give a more formal and evening look to the wedding.
If your stylist is coming to your location on the day of the wedding, make sure they get there earlier than you need them to be. You just never know what can happen to a stylist on the way there. If you are getting married at 2 pm and it is going to take 45 mins to an hour to do your wedding hair have your hairdresser there at least 2 hours before.
Quite often the mother of the bride and the bride will go to a salon and get their hair done together on the morning of the wedding. This is a great time to relax.

There is no need to choose elaborate styles, as the better hairstyle is the simpler hairstyle. Remember that intricate styles can hurt because of the pins used in the hair; the style should suits you and should be comfortable.
In any event, always remember to have fun and enjoy your special day – you deserve it!

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