Wedding Venues in Italy

A wedding celebration in Italy can be as sophisticated or as simple as you choose. Family run restaurants lovingly serve some of the most delicious food to be found in this sun-drenched country. Elegant al fresco dining takes place on the terraces of exquisite hotels which over-look spectacular lake views. Larger receptions are held in atmospheric medieval lake Garda castles or lake Orta palaces like Villa Bossi to which you may arrive by boat.

Dreaming of marrying in your own castle and be a princess for one night? Whether you choose the finest castle in Italy - or a romantic castle in lake Garda you will not leave disappointed. Ranging from magnificent structures to smaller more intimate options there is a castle for every wedding and budget. It is even possible to rent an important castle for a few hours for the ceremony and skip the reception.

One of the first and most important things that you will have to think about when you are getting married is where you would like to get married and what kind of celebration you want for your reception.
A religious ceremony may be what you would like. If you are both religious or you just like the thought of getting married in a church, you can go the full traditional route with the hymns, organ and wording of the vows or some ministers will allow you alternatives so as to modernize it a little or make it more personnel.

Choosing to get married at a civil venue can allow you to match a striking setting to the style of wedding that you want. It is also perfect for mixed faith-marriages and modern celebrations. It is convenient because the reception is generally in the same location. There are so many locations to choose from, castles, marquees and country manors are just some.

There is also the town hall solution.
For example a very special venue could be tiny little terraced garden of Orta Town Hall. You could arrive by a little boat and celebrate your civil bending in the evocative colors of the romantic lake. Moreover Orta offers a lot of possibilities for a nice simply elegant reception.

Or if you prefer a bigger Lake, Maggiore Lake would be the right one. Fascinating Stresa famous for being one of the most renewed places for lake vacations since 1800 will revoke you belle époque times making your wedding a fairy tale.

Another favorite destinations for Weddings is charming Lake Garda. Built on a rock on the vestiges of an ancient fortress, this venue enjoys a breathtaking view on the blue waters of the lake and surrounding rocky mountains. A pleasant breeze refreshes the paths running along the old walls on top of the castle, and the garden is a green spot lining the stone stairs that lead up to the halls used for Weddings.

Italian Lakes Wedding suggest you some beautiful palaces, churches, castles, villas and terraces. Like Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, Villa D'Este in Cernobbio, Villa Dal Pozzo in Belgirate, Castello di Miasino, Palazzo Penotti Ubertini in Orta and Villa Muggia in Stresa.

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