Vintage Wedding Cars Rental Italy

It's the most important ride of your life and the possibilities are practically endless! But whether you want to arrive at your ceremony in a gorgeous Bentley, or make your post-wedding escape in something fashionably Italian, make sure you opt for a roomy and spacious model with easy entry and egress for a bride in a wedding dress.

There are all sorts of hire companies in the Italian lake region that can provide a wide variety of traditional options which ensure a comfortable ride as well as style. You could pick a traditional but always elegant Rolls Royce, a stunning Jaguar, or even choose one of the stylish Italian makes such as the beautiful Fiat Balilla, or the glamorous Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Vintage cars make a wonderful and romantic impression at a wedding and offer a great background for pictures.

If your heart's not set on something fancy, consider hiring an old Fiat 500 - they're fabulous, much less costly, and provide a funnier ride to the reception for the bride and groom.

Make sure that you choose a company with a good name or one that is recommended to you before you take the plunge and hire a classic wedding car for your big day. Visually inspecting the cars and sitting in them is by far the safest way to select your favourite.

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