Wedding Music on Italian Lakes

In choosing the music for your wedding on the Italian Lakes you should put the same attention you put in selecting your dress, the villa, the flowers...
Much too often music in considered a less important element and left as a last minute decision!

Your wedding day should be a unique day, so take your time and be sure to have the best also for music!
Here are 5 golden rules that may prevent you from doing the most common mistakes.

Imagine your wedding party, in a perfect scenery, with gorgeous food, with all your relatives and friends, and you, beautifully dressed, cutting your wedding cake while a tone deaf singer shouts at the top of his voice a song nobody knows!
I am obviously exaggerating, but things like this may happen, so be sure to arrange with the musicians the kind of music you want them to play (pop, rock, dance, jazz...) and decide with them the songs you would like to listen to in some key moments: cutting of the cake, first dance, etc.

When you contact musicians, always ask for their track record and be sure they have already had previous experiences in weddings. You should ask for a CD to listen to their music or ask them where you can see them performing live.

Electronic equipment is often used by musicians to improve their sound. These electronic gadgets are indispensable to play music such as dance, hip hop, etc. But sometimes all this electronic stuff hides non professional musicians: the sounds may resemble the sound of the original songs, but these musicians pretend to play while a keyboard is doing all the job!
In my opinion, a live band is always the best choice, but if you want a sound that is very similar to the CD then... hire a DJ!

Music should be the background of your wedding day, not something that butts in at the wrong moment! So decide in advance the moments in which the band should play. I always suggest not to have live music during the meal, because this is the moment when guest like to have a chat or may want to concentrate on the good food that is being served!

A wedding party is full of little events: toasts, speeches, cakes to be cut, kisses... and music!
Once, a bride came to me after the wedding party and told me she was so sorry she hadnít had the time to listen to my music, because she had been so busy and the party so full of things...
So if you choose to have live music too, be sure you and your guests can enjoy it. Find the right place for the band, not in a corner in the darkness but somewhere your guests can easily see the musicians. Maybe you can decide to have a little concert after the meal and arrange some chairs near the band so that your guests can sit down and listen to some music while they have coffee... You can hire the best musicians, but if you donít give them the right importance nobody will have the chance to appreciate the value of what you are offering.

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