Wedding Catering and Food Services Caterer in Italy

The reception meal and dinner is a main component of weddings, as it is in any large event.
A great meal and finger foods showcases your appreciation to the wedding guests.
Food services and caterers must be timely, quality and offer choices for the modern bride and groom, and must accomodate the wedding theme.

Your search for a caterer begins once you have selected the site for your reception.
Some locations require that you use their in-house caterer or banquet department, which makes your choice fairly simple.
But if you choose to have your reception in a beautiful villa on the Lake, you will be in the position to select your own caterer.

When considering the dinner possibilities, there are a few different factors, which the couple should keep in mind in order to secure the best caterer possible for the big day.

Price Range
Prior to getting started with the search for wedding caterers, the bridegroom needs to sit down and figure out their budget for food services.
Considering how many guests will be attending the reception they will figure out how much money they can spend per guest.
Almost all professionals construct their price scales in a per guest format, this is the best way to proceed when fixing a budget for wedding catering.

Type of Catering Desired
Bridegrooms must then determine what type of catering they desire for their wedding reception. Some individuals wish to have buffet style dinners whereas others like to have a fancier type of reception with servers and exquisite Italian cuisine with dishes typical of the Lakes area.
When selecting your menu items you might also want to bear in mind that these days many people are eating lighter and you may have a few vegetarians as well.
When you will finally narrow down your service style and menu, most caterers will ask to arrange a time for you and your fiancé to sample their cuisine.
This is called a tasting, and it usually takes place at the caterer’s establishment.

Since caterers get booked up months, if not years, in advance, it is pertinent to start off the conversation with the wedding date to ensure that the caterer has an opening on that particular day. It is also crucial to see what the available hours are as some only do evening receptions whereas others work day and night.

What Is Included in Catering Package and Service Staff
Bridegroom needs to find out what will be included in their catering package Some include everything from start to finish whereas others only include the food and servers. This is important to find out as soon as possible so that the couple can acquire any extra items, which they may need in the way of supplies for the reception.

As far as the service staff is concerned consider that the general ratio is one server for every 10 to 12 guests for a sit-down dinner. When most of the food is buttered by wait, you’ll need more staff at a ratio of one server to every eight guests. In addition, providing a full and open bar will require more staffing than a limited bar with wine, beer and soft drinks. Be sure to confirm the proper attire for the wait staff beforehand so it is in keeping with the degree of formality for your reception.

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