Floral arrangements for your wedding in Italy

Flowers make any wedding beautiful, they are like living jewels enhancing the natural beauty of the bride and the romance of the day; they evoke feelings and emotions, express personalities and set moods. A wedding would just not be the same without wedding flowers.

Italian Lakes Wedding can provide many floral arrangements suggestions for your ceremony and reception. Here you can find many ideas that can fashion decorate from a simple altar in a church or table in the town hall, to elaborate centerpieces at the reception. There is just something about centerpieces and ceremony arrangements, which can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary one.

Italian Lakes Wedding will help you finding the some ideas of colors, sizes and shape, according to your personality, your tastes and chosen location. A perfect wedding flower arrangement requires the expertise of a professional flower designer whether it's for the bridal bouquet, head-dresses or other floral accessories. Everything can be coordinated with visual references to style, design and color of the wedding theme, texture and material, veil, bridesmaidís dresses and even hairstyle.

A Professional florist will help you express your vision for a special day on the lake in a way that you will long remember. Usually florists pay a lot of attention to bride and bridesmaidís details and needs, they like working with brides to develop together beautiful enhancement for a very special day. They also make sure that the bridal bouquets and flower arrangement for wedding parties remain perfect throughout the day.

Choosing the flowers could be fun during the planning of your wedding. You can choose among your favorite flowers varieties or pick up seasonal and typical Lakes flowers.

Top 5 Wedding Flowers for Spring

Spring Wedding Flowers - Peonies
There is nothing like the smell of old-time fragrant fresh cut peonies. The Peony flower has a showy full head that rests on a long, slender stem. Its bloom is full of many ruffled petals that resemble a lush ball of cotton. A cherished wedding flower with a sweet fragrance, this luxurious light pink Peony would add a special touch to any wedding bouquet, table centerpiece or flower arrangement. Loved by brides for its large, fragrant blooms.


Spring Wedding Flowers - Calla Lily
Calla lilies, with their white crisp flowers and brilliant green stems, are among the most symbolic flowers you can choose for your wedding on the Italian Lakes. They are elegant and symbolize passion. They play a major role in the mood of the wedding.
A sophisticated atmosphere at a wedding ceremony is a sign of calla lilies.


Spring Wedding Flowers - Rose
A bouquet of tulips signifies unending love and care. Tulips are used in bouquets at spring times. Marriages taking place in spring have a specific grandeur due to tulips. These are the most beautiful and fragrant flowers. The versatile tulip can enhance both elegant wedding settings and more casual venues, and work well in almost any permutation, from bouquets to boutonnieres to table arrangements.


Spring Wedding Flowers - Rose
Roses have a specific reason behind their use in marriages. They are the best admired choice of couples. Because the rose has been a symbol of love and devotion throughout history, a rose wedding theme is a perfect way to proclaim your feelings to that special someone you will marry. There are a million ways to incorporate them into your wedding!


Spring Wedding Flowers - Lily of the Valley
Tiny, bell-shaped white flowers with a wonderful sweet fragrance and fresh green foliage. Its small white blooms are extremely fragile and delicately rest upon broad basal leaves.  A very popular wedding flower, the white Lily of the Valley would add an elegant touch to any table centerpiece, wedding bouquet, or flower arrangement.



Spring flowers for Weddings in Italy
Tips for Planning Your Wedding Flowers In Spring

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