Wedding gowns bridal collection 2008

The DOMO ADAMI collection

The DOMO ADAMI collection is dedicated to an impulsive and passionate woman, who searches among the trunks of the past her renew and modern personality. She loves embroidered laces, brocades, painted fabrics from lacquered red to gold, silver and laminated taffetas. Wide and fluffy gowns that softly hug the dreams of the bride who strongly wants to live the magic and the luxury of the bridal world.

The patterns of the fabrics melt in geometric shapes and explode in colors and curves which remind of the old oriental tradition: a cultural search in the wedding world. The soul plays its role, finds its shape and style and becomes the dress: the frame where the bride expresses her hidden secrets and she becomes the actor of this play.

Fabrics are reach, colors are exclusive, design is exclusive. The result is a sort of baroque painting, where all details are vivid and lighted by the use of crystals.

Strong opposites meet inside the collection: wide gowns and short skirts. The luxury is here stated and shouted.

It is like a theatrical performance, where the set is overwhelmed with strong and vivid colors, from changant reds to metallic fucsia and macramé, which play with soft whites and natural colors.

Domo Adami Wedding Gown Designer and Wedding Dresses in Italy

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