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In the heart of romantic Stresa on Lake Maggiore, in the second half of the nineteenth century, and by the will of the family Isler, was built Villa Isler - Siemens - Muggia.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the German businessman George Von Siemens, owner of the famous industry of electrical components took over the first owners. As a lover of nature, he gave life, among the ancient trees existing, to luxuriant floral species.

In 1931, the house was bought by an industrialist family from Milan, the Muggia, from which the villa still takes its name.
After their deaths, it hosted a new owner, Mr. Ugo Toso, entrepreneur from Turin whose dwelling of Stresa represented the ideal break to escape from the city, enjoying the magical charm of Lake Maggiore and his new cozy nest. His heirs, in a few years managed to furnish it with taste, preserving the architectural features.

For this reason Villa Siemens - Muggia has preserved the original appearance set by the Siemens family despite having been transformed into a location for weddings, exclusive events private and corporate, sharing the splendor and giving life to memorable moments.

The spaces available, are numerous and can be chosen according to your own preferences. The capacity of the halls is 150 guests and the marquee Gran Galà immersed in the park receives up to 180 guests comfortably:
• Symbolic cerimony (if any) in the park choosing the best area according to the flowering.
• Aperitif in the large secular park or in case of bad weather inside the villa.
• Lunch or dinner in the elegant marquee Grand Gala perimetrally discovered in case of good weather or covered in presence of rain or temperatures that may make it less pleasant the stay of the guests.
• Alternatively, lunch or dinner can be located in the communicating inner rooms.
• The terrace lake view as a beautiful setting for the cutting of the cake.
• The internal rooms of the villa to spend the conclusive moment of the event with music, dessert buffet, open bar, coffee, distillates and sigar corner.
• The final part of the wedding day, just in case of lunch can be held in the park.

But it does not end there, on the second floor of Villa Muggia are the magnificent suite for the spouses and other six rooms, each one with a bathroom. The opportunity to stay on site, as well as making feel the protagonists of the event more at home, gives them another romantic moment with continental breakfast on the beautiful terrace overlooking the lake.

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