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Thanks to an agreement between Municipality and the owners, the VISCONTI CASTLE of Castelletto sopra Ticino (Lake Maggiore) has opened one of its 50 rooms for the celebration of civil weddings.

Once a fortress, this medieval castle has been home to the descendants of the Visconti of Ornavasso and Aragona over many centuries.

It remains a place of enchantment, protected by three medieval towers, the East Tower built in 493 on the orders of Pope Gelasius. Its grounds slope down to meet the Ticino, hidden by oaks.

The ceremony takes place in the heraldic hall, decorated with the snake of the Visconti family, the German Imperial Eagle and the heraldic coats of arms of all women belonging to the families Perrone di San Martino and Visconti di Ornavasso.

Celebration of the civil ceremony requires a contribution towards costs of the maintenance of historical and artistic heritage, the preparation and cleaning of the room, and insurance.

The amount is 300 euro for couples with at least one of the partners living in Castelletto and 500 euro for all others.