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ARIEL JAZZ can provide a stylish, exclusive, bespoke music service at any stage or planning process of Your special event: wedding reception, ceremony, or private and intimate events.

The perfect accomplishment of a musical event requires creativity, artistry and organization: we can offer music played by exceptionally talented artists, sharing the philosophy that Your wedding is a magical moment, to be enriched with a touch of class

www.arieljazz.it means love for music, competence and reliability, high care for the details, and possibility of unifying the different musical moments with the purpose to obtain an overall effect of soft, refined and intriguing atmosphere.

The pieces we can suggest are in the number of the best known and appreciated worldwide, especially chosen to highlight the importance and the emotion of Your event. We are at your disposal in case You would like to follow Your inspiration and give us a list of Your preferred pieces ( may be linked to some major event in your life), to be played in the most significant moments (f.i. the entrance of the weds, or the cutting of the cake).

Formations - Instruments

  • The Duo is the right choice for a soft and intimate atmosphere:
    Piano - Double bass - Refined and romantic jazz repertoire, elegant and stylish… with swing, rhythm, energy. Très chic!
  • For an emotional drive, for a sparkling touch: the Quintet :
    Piano - Double bass – Drums/Saxophone/Trumpet/Voice
    Mere, pure and simple energy !
  • A dynamic and intriguing suggestion, the Quartet:
    Piano - Double bass – Drums - Saxophone/Trumpet
    Saxophone or trumpet joins the Trio, interacting with the other instruments and creating an interplay of impact and energy. Intriguing !
  • Piano - Double bass - Drums - Voice
    The Trio plus the warmth of the voice, a protagonist dialoguing with the others! Stylish!
  • Piano - Double bass – Saxophone/Trumpet/Voice
    The melody of the piano, the deep sounds of double bass, the sharp notes of the winds and the softness of the human voice. The noblest alchemy!
  • The Trio , for a choice of energy and intensity:
    Piano- Double bass – Saxophone or Trumpet - The warm melody of the piano, the deep intensity of the double bass, and saxophone or trumpet. The instruments that all along did jazz!
  • Piano - Double bass - Voice - Jazz of great choreographic ant artistic impact, where the voice is accompanied by the harmony of the piano and the rhythmical sound of the double bass. Very soft and intense tunes, a caress made with melodies known and appreciated by the public worldwide.
  • Piano - Double bass - Drums - One of the most classical formations in the history of Jazz : the melody of the piano accompanied by the deep sound of the double bass and the dynamism of drums. The Trio is versatile since it has the possibility of reaching soft and intimate overtones or to drive you into a swing full of rhythm. Impeccable!
Standard jazz repertoire

Swing, Bebop, Cool Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova and Calypso, Funk, Soul.

Jazz repertoire

C.Parker, M.Davies, T.Jobim, H.Hancock, B.Evans, D.Ellington, L.Armstrong, T.Monk, J.Coltrane, M.Davis, G.Gershwin, C.Veloso, E.Fitgerald, S.Vaughan, and more…

Funk & Soul repertoire

Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Herbie Hancock, James Brown, Jamiroquai.

ARIEL JAZZ stylish, exclusive, bespoke music service

  • Italian Lakes District

  • Amalfi Coast

  • Puglia (Apulia)

  • Rome

  • Tuscany

  • Venice

  • Umbria

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