Estella Lanti Photo&Film


Beautiful and cinematic wedding films throughout Italy and worldwide

Estella Lanti Photo & Film produces beautiful and cinematic wedding films throughout Italy and worldwide.
Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but your wedding film allows that day to live on forever.
Luna, at Estella Lanti Photo & Film, and our talented videographers capture the magic of your wedding day in a authentic way—unobtrusively and most of all, joyfully.! We create a film that will let you relive many precious moments of your wedding that you may have missed and remember them for years to come ! Our passion for stylistic and modern story-telling, steps away from the typical wedding video.

Our Movies create a fresh, edgy, and entertaining recount of the wedding day, enhanced by a cutting edge art-post video production for a stylish film suited perfectly to couple's tastes, for a work of art that they will treasure for years.
Our cinematographers work closely to our photographers - elegantly capturing the action, surprising, spontaneous moments with cinematic flair along with the sounds of the wedding day, filming with discretion, simplicity and class, shadowing movements to catch memories, without intruding or disturbing the natural flow of the wedding day. We will be neither "seen" or "heard", don’t just document the wedding day, we document what the day felt like.

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